Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas 2010

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Monday, August 9, 2010

St. George and Grand Canyon Diary

We are off! One day in St. George to see Cat's and then two days in the Grand Canyon.
I don't know what is more exciting...taking a vacation with Morten and the girls or seeing Bella's face when she see's Cat's or experiencing the Grand Canyon. All three i guess.
The only down fall is I have to drive the whole way. Morten has to drive the company truck down with the supplies for the railing.
I hope i can keep up with Morten. He usually drives pretty fast.

I was actually worried about seeing Cats.
Number 1, i have seen Cats on broadway and i was worried Tuachan theater might be lesser quality than the broadway version.
Number 2, Bella gets so into Cat's, sometimes she stands up and starts singing.
Well nothing to worry about!
The show was beyond amazing and Bella sang very quietly in her seat.
The whole experience of driving from the hotel to the outdoor theater at sunset was indescribeable.
The orange and red sun sinking behind the rocky red mountains as Bella and i anticipate the theater.
No other feeling in the world could compare.
When we got there Bella was estatic. We had not eaten dinner so i thought i would stop at the consession stand to get popcorn or a hotdog for her. Oh, no! She pulled me right into the theater and sat me down.
"No food mom. Cat's!"

Once it started i lost her.
She was gone in a world of her own.
I didn't know whether to look at the stage or her beautiful face.
On top of it all, the theater is nestled in the red canyon exactly where the sun sets.
The rocks turned a yellow, then amber, then finally the blackest black.
It was hard to take it all in.
I was just breathing thinking, "Remember this moment Farrah -never forget".

The dancers and singers were amazing! It was better than broadway -if that is all possible.
Bella and i left with smiles and giggles.
She met the actors outside the theater and talked and talked to them.
They didn't mind.

Best experience ever with Bella.


The big trip to the Grand Canyon. I am so excited. From St. George it is about a 4 hour drive. We should arrive at sunset.

If we are not too tired i hope we can sneak a peak. Morten and the girls are taking their last swim at Hampton Inn before we head out.


The drive was long and hard, but very beautiful. All i wanted to do was get there. We forgot about the time change in Arizona. So the GPS told us 4 hours, when it really took 5.30! That last hour was awful. The drive was unspeakably beautiful. Huge red mountains, dark thunderclouds, and tall ponderosa pines. Yes, my husband is amazing. He let me drive infront of him the whole way. I don't know how he put up with me going 55 when the speed limit was 65. That is love.

Yes, we saw the Grand Canyon for a second, but we were too tired to stop. We wanted a bed, shower, food.

Tomorrow i tell myself. Tomorrow.


We arrived at our over priced hotel last night. It was comfortable but not worth $311 a night.
We had a great time at the indoor pool. I got a chance to soak my poor neck and back in the spa, while the girls swam.
Morten fell asleep in the hotel room.

We leave for Provo tomorrow. We were suppose to leave today but Morten said he needs one more day to finish the project.

I don't know how we are going to make it in one day. From the Grand Canyon to Provo is about a 10 hour trip. Yikes!

And it's HAND rails not guard rails he is working on.
So far so good he says.
He gets done in an hour (7pm) and then we will head out to dinner.
There are not many food choices around here.
You can eat at a local pizza cafe, an over priced steak house or Mc.Donald's.
But who is complaining....we're in the Grand Canyon!!

We saw the Grand Canyon today. The girls and I walked about 2 miles around the rim starting at Mathers Point.
It's big.. very big. There was no railing so i was extremely paranoid about Olivia getting too close to the edge.
Bella didn't want to look. But Olivia wanted to go further and further. Finally i yelled, "Olivia, STOP! I don't want you to die".
Some Germans turned around and looked at us and laughed. I WAS kinda jumpy.

The next time i'm seeing one of the 7 wonders of the world, i think i will do it without kids.

I'm thinking helicopter ride..oh yeah the kids.
I'm thinking river raft ride through the colorado river..oh yeah the kids.
I'm thinking jeep tour down the canyon..oh yeah the kids.
...and finally

I'm thinking mule ride in the canyon (yes they have mule rides)..oh yeah FORGET IT!
Instead of thinking about all the things i can't do, i just wake up and do the things they can.
Small hikes, visitor centers and the pool.

Today after we said goodbye to Morten, the girls and i hopped on a shuttle to check out Yakapai look out point.

Olivia and I walked out on the point, which is a rock dangling out on a cliff with metal bars and a chain fence to keep us from falling.
It was amazing! Bella sat quietly on a rock at the top and sang "sound of music".

This is the one place Bella does not run off. That girl is soooo afraid of heights. Since we are on the second floor, we have to carry her from the hotel elevator to the room each day.
But Olivia is my little dare devil. She has no fear and wants to go further and further.
Today i was alot more relaxed. But still cautious.

After Yakapai point and museum we took the shuttle to El Tovar hotel.

Oh, my gosh! That is where I would like to stay next time.

A beautiful black norwegian style hotel, just as old as the railroad next to it, named after the spaniard who discovered that part of the canyon.
Rocking chairs glide back and forth on a big wrap around porch, right on the cliff of the canyon. We sneaked into the hotel and saw they had a nice restaurant.
So what did we do? We ate there -what the heck! While we were eating it started pouring down rain and lightning.
We stayed for dessert and then walked over to the Hopi house (a old navajo trading post from the 1900's).
There was a picture of Albert Einstein in front of the house with indians. Wow!

Grand Canyon is so wonderful, although...
Zion is still my favorite so far. There is just something about that place.

A little while later...
We are staying another day! Morten is not finished with the hand railing yet. Yeah!
I am not complaining. Nice hotel, great pool, and another day to see the canyon.

We are still having a great time. After 4 days you would think things would get old.
There is always something new and exciting to experience.
Everyday at noon the girls and I meet Morten at the Visitor Center and we take him his lunch.
He walks among the tourists with his hard hat and sweaty sun burned neck.
We eat lunch, we talk, he kisses the girls and I.
I get sad to see him leave, but i know we are only here because he has to work.
Morten is only working until 4:30 today so we have time to take those last pictures and explore a bit before we leave early tomorrow.

Morten works about 8-10 hours a day but he says it feels like a vacation.
I asked, "How could that be?"
He explained, every morning he is so lucky to see the sunrise on the canyon and have that moment. And when he comes back to the hotel he gets to soak in the spa and swim and play with the girls.
And he gets paid for it! I'll say.

Tomorrow the car ride home. Oh how i dread it. The pain in my neck, the nagging kids, and... home.
Don't get me wrong, there is no place like home, but home also means responsibilites, work, no more sleeping in, dishes, cooking, cleaning.

I'm a little sad to leave.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I love weddings. I love weddings even more when they are truely simple and elegant. A european style garden, a warm summer breeze and two people who truely love eachother.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"My Zion"

The second i laid eyes on Zion i wanted to grasp it, own it, hold it, protect it, try it. There came an ownership over me, i have not felt since i gave birth to my second. I don't understand the flow of emotions that
collaberate when i am in this magical place, but it does indeed have an effect on me. It's not just Zion, but it's "My Zion".

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter, Blackbread, Jetlag and Clip & Clister

We began our Easter Sunday with an awakening trip to church. We came home to a relaxing day full of  brown surgar ham, creamed potatoes, and coloring easter eggs. And we cannot forget Farmor. We have 3 weeks of unplanned spring break fun. Oh the blackbread, oh oh the jetlag, and we cannot miss all the clip and clister. I fogot how much danes love their blackbread and love cutting things out.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Matching jogging suits...hardly.

We have been listening to the snickers and comments in Denmark about our recent purchase. We've been asked if we were also buying matching jogging suits. We'e been called "mormor og morfar". And i think someone asked us if we were heading towards retirement (we are in our early 30's!). People in europe must grasp the concept of good ol' fashion camping in America. It has to be experienced to be enjoyed. Our first trip with our new travel trailer was spent in Palisades State Park in Manti Utah. One of the most well kept secrets in Utah, in my opinion. It was every fantasy come true for me. I was in my element (nature) and with my family. It doesn't get much better than that.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fake Birthdays and meat for the man

The "big" girls are off to a broadway show in Salt Lake City and wee little Olivia is left behind. What to do? Luckily mom thought of a brilliant idea, full of "fake" birthdays, big girl shopping, and meat for the man. After a little persuasion, Olivia planned her fake birthday party, rented a fake movie for daddy and her, and bought all of her fake groeceries, which ended up being a not so fake seventeen dollars. She was opting towards pizza, when she suddenly remembered "Far loves meat. Let's get him steak!"

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A little piece of heaven

I am by no means a vegetarian, but once in a while i like to indulge in a pure vegetarian delight. Nothing is more savory than a spicy hummus that sets your mouth on fire, on dave's killer organic bread. To top it off i put grilled mushrooms, garlic and onions. Did i get the usual kiss from my husband that night? Does it even matter... i have tasted heaven.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


There is nothing more pure and joyfull than planting a seed with your child, then waiting, and waiting .... then one uneventful Tuesday, seeing the tiny green plant power through the rough black dirt. Magical as it sounds, it's a thousand times more magical to a 5 year old. Their tiny hands have planted something so simple. But the true joy, comes from the mother looking into the child's eyes and seeing the happiness it has created. I will forever be in debt to that tiny seed.