Thursday, March 29, 2012

Endurance Certification

I gave up a trip to Disneyland with my girls for this! I paid an arm and a leg for this! I have to spend 2 full days away from my family for this!
But, i know it will be worth it in the end.
This weekend i will be getting my CrossFit Endurance Certification!!!!
I have so many ideas about how i could use this cert. But my 2 main reasons are true and pure to my heart. I want to be a better runner & i want to help others begin to run.
I can't tell you how many people ask me about how to start running, how to get better, how to PR, but i don't know exactly what to say.
All i know is CrossFit Endurance combined with CrossFit and the Paeleo diet WORKS and it works BIG!
I am so excited to share my knowledge and begin something big.

Friday, March 16, 2012

What is thou in a name?

Right before the "bricks" hit
Ever wonder why things are called what they are? I think of silly things like this all the time. This morning, while swimming my 500 meter time trial (13:38), i made up my grocery list in my head, thought about eating a fat cheesburger once (FINE!!..twice), and thought about how i would feel when i'm finally in the locker room, taking a hot shower.

What is thou in a name:

Tabata running workout: It's named after Izumi Tabata in Japan. He conducted tests on two groups of athletes; comparing moderate versus high intesity.

Guess who won? The short spurts of high intesity training gave by far more benifits than longer moderate training. Hence why CrossFit kicks your butt and you see faster results. For example, my workouts this whole week have been under 20 minutes and I feel in better shape than when I was running 30 miles a week. I like Izumi.. he was a smart guy and he helps me spend more time with my family. GO JAPAN!

Bricking workout: Bricking is combining 2 activities in a single workout. The bike to run is the hardest transtition for triathletes, as I found out this weekend. I ran 1 mile (8:07) then ran through the house like a mad woman (my daughter's playdate just gawked at me with an open mouth), changed shoes and rode on the bike trainer for 8 minutes. Hopped off and ran another mile (7:31).

Ooh, that hurt!! The second mile i looked down and i could not feel my legs -no joke. They felt like "bricks"; hence bricking. BRICKS ARE HEAVY!

LSD: Couldn't you just picture a runner asking another runner if they got their LSD in this week? Hilarious! LSD is an abbreviation for "Long, Slow Distance, which refers to the practice of runniing longer distances at an "easy" pace rather than shorter ones to exhaustion. It allows the runner to go longer and, therefore, gain more fitness (i don't know about that last part?!?!) JUST SAY NO TO DRUGS?

Any other names you find odd?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spilling The Beans

I have no plan and only 10 weeks away from my first tri. My endurance trainer tells me 10 weeks is an eternity in the tri-world. Then why does it feel just around the corner. Here's me spilling the beans about training for 5 -yes 5 upcoming triathlons.

Here is what IS working:
- x5 day a week CrossFit (this makes me feel like a goddess.. if i can deadlift 195 pounds -or- do 100 pull ups in a row -or- run a mile after throwing a 16 pound ball 50 times in the air...  well sir, i can do just about anything!)
- i bumped up swiming to x2 times a week
- sticking to a strict muscle building Paleo diet (2 cheat meals a week)
- "i got this" attitude (you freakin' ran a marathon last year.. you CAN do this Farrah!)

Here is what's NOT working:
- the big mac i just scarfed down today
- i've never bricked before in my life
- i almost never ride my bike (4 times since december!!) Ouch!
- i am still breaking in my new zero drop shoes.. double ouch!
- i don't have charts, schedules or any organization involved in my training
- "i don't got this" attitude (what if you fail, fall, drown, drop out??)

Any advice??