Thursday, June 30, 2011

8 miles of therapy

I woke up Wednesday morning very sore from Tuesdays CrossFit class. Deadlifts every 30 seconds for 15 minutes. I decided to take it easy and just go for a relaxing run in the forest. An hour, maybe two, i didn't want to think about time. I felt as if i had all the time in the world. I can't remember the last time i said that to myself.

If there is one thing you learn while living in Denmark it is all about the weather. When the sun shines you enjoy it, because the next 5 days could be filled with gray clouds and alot of rain. So i didn't waste any time, as it was a sunny 75 degree evening. I took a beautiful run through the forest alone. It was a little spooky at first but after the first few miles i got used to it.

I had a few things on my mind and a few things i wanted to work out while i ran. I have been battleing a few issues that had been on my mind and i wanted to see how i reacted after a few miles. My mind wondered and then it came. I ran fast as i could up hills, i sprinted down streams, pushed harder and harder until i felt a release of anger and self doubt. Then i started to well up with tears in my eyes. I said a little prayer. On the lines of, " Help me find a way", and then ran in peace the rest of the way home.

Have you ever had such a run? It's better than therapy.

I ended my run with a few turns onto a small windy trail, up a long grassy hill, and over a few sparkling streams. I ended up at the Baroness's castle again and then turned around and found a different path home.

I felt like i had done my job for the universe that day -and it was simply taking care of myself.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

CrossFit in Denmark

The witch burning night was a big hit. I couldn't stop saying hello to everyone. "Oh it's you!" and "Oh my gosh i remember you!!" It was just like old times. In short, we burned the witch, had some great food, and sang a few songs. My first Sankt Hans Aften in 5 years. It was just as  i imagined.

Another thing just as i imagined... CrossFit in Denmark.

I had not heard from the CrossFit owner so, i was unsure about just showing up to a class. But it had been about a week since i had been to CrossFit in Utah and i was going stur crazy. So it just so happend the kids were with their grandparents and i fumbled around the house and thought, "it's now or never." I took a bus into Roskilde (the nearest big town from our village) and showed up at the CrossFit doorstep.

As any CrossFit would do in the world, they opened their arms like i was one of their own. I walked in front of a big desk, and aked for the owner. We arranged a free class, and if i liked it i could sign up and if not, i could just leave it at that. Lucky for me, i loved it! I can't remember the last time i sweat so much in my life. The humitity must be very high here because it feels like working out in the amazon jungle.

I am very pleased with the world right now. There are people out there that are welcoming, caring, smiling, and just plain old nice. Coming into a new enviroment and a new country is hard, but danes make it so comfortable and easy.

It's a small world after all.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jetlag... What's that?

It's like coming home. Right when i stepped off the plane, i could smell, see, feel, taste, that i was home. It's an odd feeling to have after living here so long, and then being gone for 2 years. But it truely is as if i had never left. The rickity straw topped roofs are still the same. The old gas station is still at the corner, and the trees and wheat fields are still strategically placed around the 500 year old village. It is comforting, constant and unchanging.

Enough of that nonsense... onto my first run in Denmark.

Totally blew my mind! I woke up this morning feeling no jetlag what so ever. I toppled down the wooden stairs and saw freshly made danish pancakes and homemade jam. I had made a running agreement the night before with my cousin (really it's my mother and father in-laws foster son) but i just call him cousin Marco. Anyway he heard i enjoyed running, and he was bored (arn't all 19 year olds bored??) and he desperatly wanted to go running with me. So after breakfast we discussed where we would go on our first run. I shouted out, "the forest!"

Baroness's Castle
The danish forests have always been a place of peace and refuge for me. So the forest it is. From our tiny village, we ran on the hard cement bike path for 2 miles before we hit the entrance to the forest. Immediatley when we entered in the cool green trees, i felt light. Just like when i run in Utah's mountains. I get this sense of balance, kind of like this is where i am suppose to be. 

It was breathtaking. I felt like i was in a movie. Braveheart, The Other Bolyn Girl, First Knight.. i could go on and on. Knowing i was running in such an old and medival sight, gave me a mysterious feeling. Feeling the soft mud push against my shoes and the brush of the trees against my legs were perfection at it's finest. I could have ran all day. We ran up hills, through fields, up to the Baroness and Baron's castle, through the streets of a small viking town and then finally down the bike path past the fjord. We ran 16 kilometers, which equals about 10 miles. I couldn't have choosen a better run and a better day if i tried.

Now, a quick shower and then off to burn witches! It's a big day in Denmark. It is Sankt Hans Aften tonight. In the heathen days, they burned real witches, but now it's just an exuse to throw a big party with all the villagers. We have a big bon fire, eat, sing and dance. We actually burn a fake witch too.

Sankt Hans Aften
 The adventure continues..

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Here we come.... Europe!

We leave for europe in 2 days!!! I cannot contain my excitment. I call it "Europe" becasue it sounds alot more exotic than just plain old "Denmark".

Weeks before i decided to run a marathon, I planned a weekend trip to Rome. Instead i got a trip to the transmission shop which took all my Roman coins. Boo hoo, sniffle, sniffle.

So now it's just Denmark. My mother-in-law says she has a surprise trip planned but she won't tell me. I have a feeling it might be Sweden or Germany. Any how, i'll take 4 quiet weeks in Denmark anytime.

Bon' voyage and have a great summer everyone. I WILL still blog while i'm in Denmark so don't be dismayed. It might be a once a weeker, but i'll still keep in touch.

After all, don't you want to know how my runs go in Denmark??

Denmark 2009

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Monday, June 13, 2011

I am officially apart of the marathon club :)

It was thee most beautiful run i have ever taken -almost spiritual. It was indescribable.
The first 13 miles were not very pleasant, but the last 13 were magical.
Here are the sorted details...

Mile 1-5 Ran with my brother-in-law the first 5. We were going at a 8:30 minute mile pace and he said, we have to slow down or we will crash at the end. So, we slowed to an 8:50 pace.

Mile 7 I had to release all that water i'd been gulping. Broke off from my brother-in-law and waited 4 minutes to go to the bathroom. I'm upset that i wasted the time.

Mile 7 I take a GU and some water, then start feeling sick. Severe stomach pains and i loose my rythym. Now it's time for the hills.... with stomach cramping. Great!

Mile 8-11 Pain, pain, pain. I can't shake these stomach cramps. I walk through mile 11 aid station and then they finally stop.

Mile 11-12 I've got this! I'm feeling on top of the world. I get a good pace going. I take my second GU.

Mile 13 Oh no! A familiar feeling...blister. It growing, rubbing....i have to get this thing bandaged up. I wasted 6 minutes at an aid station bandaging my blister. I'm off again!

Mile 14 Feel amazing.... i zone out the pain.

Mile 14-21 I need to get through the rest of this freakin' canyon to see the girls and hubby at mile 22. I push it a little more. This feels good.

Mile 22 I see the girls and hubby. A quick hug and then off to the finish line.

Mile 22-25 I am focused, i have a good pace. I feel no pain... it's lost in the music.

Mile 26 I can see the holy grail.... the finish line. I got this! I start a fast sprint to the finish line. I finish in 4:20.

Pain i enjoyed! Where do i sign up for the next one?? :)

I'm thinking Rock in' Roll LasVegas Marathon in December with I Have Run.

Care to join us??

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Danger ahead??

Everything is happeing so fast. My head is spinning and i'm trying to get everything in control. New things are in the works and it's messing with my head right before the big day.

I had this eutopia status that everything would be perfect the week leading up to the marathon but i am starting to see alot of disturbing things...

1. Self doubt (I am prepared -Am i?, I've trained for this -Have i?, You can get under 4-Can i walk half way?)

2. More time on my hands to "think" (not a good thing for Farrah who overthinks everything anyway).

3. New opportunities which means big dicisions

4. Distractions (both little and big)

5. My beautiful summer girls screaming, "I'm bored!", every 10 minutes

This is not my perfect week right before the marathon but what can you do?
It is what it is and you either let it bother you or you just go with the flow.

I'm a' flowin'.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Only 7 days until the big day!

I feel like a little kid before Christmas morning.
Then i get this knott in my stomach and think "am i prepared for this?"
26.2 miles is a beast, and in 7 days i am going to tame it.
I have two goals in mind. My first, 3:50. If i can't make that, then anything below 4:10.

I talked to my edurance trainer and she said, keep doing CrossFit but don't push. Back off a little and don't give it your all this week. Conserve energy, repair muscles, relax.

Here is my self-made week before marathon plan

Sunday: Church -pray to the holy lord above for endurance, speed, and peace.
Monday: CrossFit and Protein Load (45%) WATER
Tuesday: CrossFit, CrossFit endurance and Protein Load (45%) WATER

Wednesday: CrossFit, light and easy 3 miles, Protein Load (75%) WATER

Thursday: Rest day and Protein Load (100%) WATER
Friday: Morning sprints (25 minutes) then Carb Load all day baby! Olive garden here i come! Alot of WATER mixed with electrolytes.
Saturday: Race Day! Protein shake, Peanut Butter and jelly sandwich, then a lara bar on the bus.

Any tips for my first marathon. And if ONE more person says, "just have fun", i am going to kill them. :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

My first kipping

If only that was my stomach!!!
After my little scare with my foot/ankle i really have been taking it easy.
I had a complete 24 hour rest and then had Muscle Works take a look at it. Stacey my therapist said it might have been my shoe string that was irritating it.

It paid off and now i have no pain, no problems and even managed to get a 4 mile run in and an amazing CrossFit class.

Every CF class is amazing, but this one was particularly special. After 8 weeks of seeing everyone do a kipping pull-up (even grandma Grace beside me), I DID ONE!
I finally did one -and it rocked! With the marathon only 10 days away, i needed that.

One more thing... i have pre-race jitters already. My stomach is a mess. How do you get rid of that?