Saturday, April 30, 2011

1:58 Half Marathon

Best race experience eeeever! A big thanks goes to Candice from I Have Run! She was my rabbit, my pacer and she lead me to my goal... under 2:00. Thanks C.

It was a crazy experience. It's kind of like giving birth for the first time. You have to go over every detail in your mind, to secure the thought that it REALLY happened.

Tonight, sitting at my computer, it all feels like a dream. It would be amazing to go over every last detail, but unfortunately i would loose alot of readers after my initial excitement over pooping at 5am.

Sooo, i will spare you the gruesome details and give you some highlights instead.

-Pooping at 5am (so exciting!).

-Getting 2 hours of light sleep due to excitment and nerves.

-Meeting up with C and actually talking to someone i know before a race.

-Leaving C at mile 5 and going to the bathroom.

-Mile 8 Where is the freakin' water station. Havn't had my GU and i need water.

-Mile 10 Just a 5k and i'm home. Can i keep up this pace? I'm dying.

-Mile 11 I have to go pee again!?!?! Crap! Hit the porta and can't go. Mad that i wasted time.

-Mile 12 Really?.. only mile 12... i feel like i've been running since december? That girl is walking, why can't i walk. No... don't walk.

-Mile 12.5 Why did i sign up for a full marathon in June -am i nuts?!?! I am nuts.

-Mile 12.8 I see the holy grail... the finish line...kick it into gear Farrah.

-Mile 12.9 Crap! Where the heck did she come from (curly brunette cruising through on my right).

Mile 13. No you don't girl!! She starts racing me. I start racing her. I hear the crowd through the Justin Timerlake song on my nano. The crowd is cheering.

Adrenaline...adrenaline. I pump my legs as hard as i can. We are neck to neck. I'm thinking, "this is mine". She disapears as i cross the finish line. I can't breath... i am totally gone.

And that my friends is PAIN. But soooo much FUN! Where do i sign up for the next one?

My own calcutta today: Running a half marathon under 2 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Thanksgiving Point Half Marathon

Here goes nothing! I've never really understood that saying.

It's not nothing... it's 5 months of hard work and sweat about to pay off on a starting line.

It's not nothing... it's an amazing mix of nerves and excitement all at the same time.

It's not nothing... it's thee start of something bigger than myself.

So instead of here goes nothing... here goes something!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Holy krabby patties!

Sooo wish this was my butt
 I've been having a little irritation in my hamstring for the last 2 weeks and decided to contact 'Muscle Works' in Highland, as it was not getting better.

My therapist (Stacy) said i possibly pulled my left hamstring. The culprit: I've been bumping up my intervals, speed work and cross training the last 4 weeks. She also suspects my weak stomach muscles and glutes are to blame. She gave me some special glute exercises to do 15 minutes a day and then told me to take off my pants.

Just kidding.... "please place on these shorts and open the door when you are done" she whispered, as she exited the room.

The next 10 minutes where screamingly unbearable. Is that even a word -screamingly?!?
I shed a tear or two, bit my hand, wailed and i think i might have passed a little gas... sorry Stacy.

Holy krabby patties!!!! I've had deep tissue before but this is nothing like it. I kept saying to myself, never again. I'd rather have this freaky pain in my hamstring, then go back to this devil. I vow silently inside my head i will never return.

10 minutes later i feel no pain in my hamstring.

I have another apointment  on Friday and Wednesday. :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Diary of a vacationing runner (part 2)

Diary of a vacationing runner continues...

Saturday: After my sprint up the jagged rocks, i end at thee most glorious sight. I've seen it many times before, yet it always stuns the eye. Tourist after tourist cram in to see the emerald falls, but the tourist irritate me, so i seek refruge high on the rocks. I climb up high into the hills and find the perfect rock, full of fresh spring moss and silence.

I meet up with Bob and Theresa 20 minutes later and deligate another route back down the mountain. It's a good choice..a very good choice. We end up seeing a spectacular view of the valley and river below.

After our short 3 mile walk down the mountain, we end at the Grotto trailhead. I waver on the decision of taking the shuttle to the nature center and running back to the hotel (3 miles) or running the whole way back to the hotel (10 miles). B and T suddenly remind me of the time, and suggest i take the 3 mile route. I smile and think, "speed work". I'll practice my negative split and try to run at a hard pace for the first 1.5 miles and then push it to the edge of the earth for the next 1.5 miles.

It fails. I come out to hard, and bomb at the end. I am STILL in Zion, i tell myself, and i am STILL feeling pretty darn good. I pat myself on the back and greet my in-laws.
I arrive in a panting sweaty mess, as they frown and tell me we are behind schedule. I go from wet/smelly/run to car. No time for a shower.

After our Emeralds Pool hike/run
Then from the car to the busseling lobby of the Monte Carlo. Soooo not fun when you look like a drowned rat that just failed at a negative split. At check in, i see to my right a group of girls in short evening dresses, perfect makeup and legs that went up to their necks. I feel very... smelly. I look the other way and think, "you've spent all day by the pool drinking fruity drinks, while i just hiked Zion - so there!" I feel better.

Run log: 9 miles


At 6 am i am fumbling out of bed trying to find my workout clothes. As i trip over my suitcase, i hear the voice of an angel. "Mommy, where are you going?" To run my sweet angel.. to run. Liv asks if she can come with me. I say sure. We sneak out of the room, making sure Bel is safe with my mother and father in law and then take the elevator down to the Monte Carlo gym.

"She can't come in", explains the rude receptionist. I guess you have to be 18 years old to enter the spa. We were headed to the gym, which is through the spa entrance. I try to convince her my little girl will not be bothering anyone, but she goes into a long explanation of rules and policies. I run Liv back up to the room with a smile and turn on cartoons.

Monte Carlo Gym
My medium run went out the window because i lost so much time, so i decided to work on my negative split again. This time it worked. The first 1.5 miles i kept a 9:00 min. pace and then the remaining 1.5 miles i kicked it up to a 8:35 min. pace. Not a world record but i feel like my CrossFit trainer might me onto something.
I was lucky enough to spend the rest of the day swimming with my girls, while my mother and father in-law saw the sights of LasVegas. One of these days i'm going to write a book about going to LasVegas with a handicap child. It will be a 1 page wonder. The one and only page will look something like this:
Advice on taking a down/autistic child to LasVegas....DON'T GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Those of you who have a special needs child know what i'm talkin' about if you've ever been to Vegas with them.

Farrah and Bel
I think i spent more time convincing Bel that she won't fall off of an elevator then seeing the sights. And then the other time, dodging all the stares that come with her melt downs and flip-outs when the noise and crowds got to be too much. I've learned one thing: keep it simple and swim.
Run Log: 3 miles (succesfull negative split)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Diary of a vacationing runner

Diary of a vacationing runner:

The plan was to leave on Friday and drive 4.5 hours to Zion National Park and spend the day hiking on breathtaking trails, then take off for a 2 day stay in Las Vegas. Did everything go as planned? Ofcourse not! But we had fantastic time anyway. I even got a few unexpected runs in.

An amazing start to an amazing vacation. 1 hour outside of Provo my car breaks down! We have it loaded with smiles and excitment and then KapOOOt. We managed to drive it back to an auto shop and have good ol' dave take a look at it. Mind you, dave is been my best friend ever since he took apart my transmission and didn't put it properly back together again. I've seen him more times in the last month than my own husband. I don't like dave very much right now. Dave says it will take 4 to 5 hours... maybe a day or two. He just doesn't know. 

Calmness rushes over me when i see a car rental business across the street. We decide if good ol' dave take only 4 hours we won't rent a car. If he takes longer, we will be renting one. My mom picks up the rest of the gang and i decide to run the 4 miles home. I just bought a brand new pair of minimal New Balance trail runners and i had been dying to try them out. WOW! They did not disappoint.

Friday evening:

Our rental car
Dave calls and says my car should not be ready in 5 hours, but in 5 days! Let's just say dave is not very popular around the house at this moment. We rent a car and head out for the long drive at 4:30 pm. We are way past schedule but who cares. We arrive around 9-ish in complete darkness. I've taken the beautiful drive many times before, but never in the dark. It was as if I had this beautiful wonder right under my nose and I couldn't see it. It tore me apart. I couldn't wait until the sun peaked out of those magestic mountains. To me, a trip to Zion is like coming home.
Run log: 4 miles

Saturday morning:
The sun did rise and i got the girls out of their soft hotel bed and said, "Let's go eat pancakes!" They sprang up and jumped into their swimsuits. I had promised them this would be a "swim-vacation". We ate at a local restaraunt with ceiling to floor glass windows and a view that could simply put any human at peace. Glorious red rocks towering over the heavens right as the morning sun blanketed the trees. If you have never been to Zion... GO! It is indescribable.

After pancakes the girls swam, while i caught up on my latest read. Dean Karnazes, Ultramarathon Man. Holy tornado, this is a fantastic book. After reading the first 4 chapters i automaticly want to get out and run. I suddenly see my danish in-laws struggling with the pool door.

Yeah! They are back from their hike and it's my turn. I was instructed to take my Uncle Bob and Aunt Theresa on a 6 mile hike through the Emerald Pools. Yes mam'.

Saturday afternoon:
I am rearing to go, but i suddenly remember i have to take it easy. Uncle Bob and Theresa are in good shape, but they are in no shape to trail run. I have concocted a plan. Ease them into a stong walk, give them directions up to the upper pool and take off running. The plan works. They even sugest i leave them behind, as they can see i am struggling with just walking. "Farrah, we know you want to run, so run. We'll catch up to you." I am beyond thrilled. I tell them to just follow the signs and we will meet at the upper pool.

View of Emerald Pools from lower pool
I take off in a dusty fury. I am running in Zion! I feel the warm wind, the rocks underneath my feet... I feel like i am home. On my dads side we have traceable indian roots dating back many generations. My ancestors did this everyday. I convince myself this is where the word "home" comes from. I power up to the upper pools. Last fall i struggled even walking up the sharp and uneven rocks and now i am hopping from rock to rock like a gazelle. This feels so freeing. I even got a few stares and comments. "Are you really going to try to run up this?", an older gentelmen said. "I'm going to try", i mumbled. I did. All the way up and it was one of the most amazing feelings i have had in a long time. 

Diary of a vacation runner continues... (I gotta go to work!)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Zion and LasVegas here we come!

After almost a week with the in-laws in Utah, it's time for the lion to escape out of it's cage. I've been lucky enough to get my short speed runs in, my medium tempo runs, and even 3 CrossFit sessions and a CrossFit endurance... all the while entertaining the in-laws, aunts and uncles from Denmark.

Now it's time to have fun! I still need to log in some good runs, but i've planned everything out. Usually when i plan things out, something inevitably goes wrong.
I'm staying positive.

Thee Plan (i call it "thee" because i only have one. if this fails, i fail.)

Day 1/Zion National Park: We arrive about 1:00 pm. Slow 3 mile River Walk with the girls, in-laws, aunt and uncle.
A 6 mile speed hike to the Emerald Pools with aunt/uncle. Then I can hopefully talk them into shuttling themselves back on the bus so i can run 10 miles back to the hotel.

Day 2/Las Vegas: My CrossFit endurance "homework" from my trainer, on a Monte Carlo treadmill at the BCOD (butt crack of dawn). I've already talked to my in-laws about getting an attached room so we can prop the door open when i leave for the hotel gym at 6am. They nod in agreement, as they stare at me in silence as though i am a drug addict. lol.

Day 3/Las Vegas: Have fuuuuuuuun! No workouts, no worries.. it's spring break!

Day 4 /Five hour drive home: Keep the water flowin', Lara bars ago in' and positive thoughts movin' (usually drink Monster caffeine drinks, eat salt and vinegar chips, and end up getting in a heated discussion with my mother in-law).

Here are some pictures from last years trip to Zion National Park. Greatest place on earth if you ask me.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Break

Spring Break!

In the "ol'in" days, as Liv calls it, spring break was spent in Floridia at Disney World or a cozy stay-cation in Denmark. I recall spring break as a time to recover, clean, and re-new.

Not anymore.

I am up at the butt-crack of dawn, licking my glass of orange juice because i don't have enough energy to swallow.

My CrossFit WOD (Work Of the Day) is done by 6:30 and i go limping from class to my short/long run. By 9am i am in my warm house downing cereal, fruit and protein shakes.

At 10 am i am off with my in-laws visiting from Denmark, and the girls, for a day of "something-Utah-ish".

As much as i miss the "old" spring breaks, i kind of like the torture of the new one.

The question is... what's the REAL torture?

5 am workouts?
Fitting in runs after a hard workout?
Tourist day trips with the in-laws?

You pick.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Bel turns 13

13 years ago i got a call from my doctor saying he wanted to meet me. My amnio results were back. "Make sure someone drives you", he said. I knew by that last sentence it wasn't good.

Maybe the news wasn't good, but the results (my Bella) were good... very good.
At 21 years old, my husband and I were about to embark on a journey that would change our lives forever.

This tiny angel has taught me so many things.

Raising a handicap child is not easy, but as i take a glance back at my life, i can say i have learned and still am learning patience, resilience, determination, and love.
When i dig deeper into what these four words really mean, I begin to think about running.

I need patience becasue running a marathon doesn't happen over night. I have to be resilient because when i fall, i will have to pick myself up again. I am determined and 100% committed everyday until i reach my goal. And last but not least, i have a love for running that literaly gets me out of bed even when my body softly whispers, "sleep, Farrah, sleeeeep".

Yes, she has taught me many things about life and how to live it.

I still cannot believe I was lucky enough to be choosen to have her.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Low on miles, high on love

My milage this week is next to nothing (4 miles to be exact) but i got 3 crossfit sessions in already, and i am sooooo happy.
The other day my husband said, "Farrah, can you run a marathon without running? Because you havn't been running lately. Maybe this crossfit thing wasn't the smartest idea."

He may be onto something... you kinda have to run if your going to run a marathon. Nothing gets past him! lol.

Then why do i feel so dang good. Everytime i end a crossfit session i feel as though i have run 10 miles. My confidence is soaring and i feel like i got this. I can do this.

But doubt is creeping in my head beacause i'm not putting in my regular miles. Angie my crossfit endurance trainer said she felt the same way in the begining, but changed her mind when her race scores were blown out of the water. She said stick to your long weekend runs, regular crossfit and crossfit endurance, then you will be smokin' on race day. Could she be right?

Should i trust in the process or should i double up (crossfit plus mid-week runs)??
I don't know if i can double up. When will i ever see my husband and kids?

Like i said, low on milage but i'm absolutely loving this crossfit thing.

PS: Picking up the Denmark gang in 5 hours. Better get going. Bel has riding, Liv has a soccer game and i have toilets to clean and beds to make.

Happy Thursday everyone!

Monday, April 4, 2011

CrossFit, trail running and rest

Friday night: I started out with an evening class at CrossFit. We warmed up with a 400 m run, then straight into 20 pushups, 20 air squats, 20 pull ups, and 20 situps. Then i hear, "Are you ready to start?" I was thinking, didn't we start 20 minutes ago???
Starting ment the "real" workout, which was 5 cleans (25 in all) while uping the weight each time. I ended with 75 pounds. "Not bad", says a regular.

I feel good. This is a superb start to my weekend.

Saturday morning: 18 mile club run in the canyon (we ended up only doing 15). I was overjoyed when i woke up and felt very little soreness in my arms and legs. Usually after CrossFit i am a walking/crawling constipated 90 year old. I jumped out of bed at 6 am and turned on my computer. I fogot to check the meeting spot. To my surprise, we were meeting at Canyon View Park, the same park i met the club at 2 weeks ago.
I instantly think, "Yeah, a sunrise run in the canyon... i can't wait!"

The sunrise in the canyon was not disappointing and the falls were astounding. We ran a completely different route and i ran with new runners. I call them my 34 club. We are 3 woman who are 34 years old, all born within 3 months of eachother and all exceptionally gorgeous! lol. I was behind them most of the time (okay ALL of the time). Lord of the rings, (Arwin) kicked my butt, and Heidi of the hills was a planet ahead.

I didn't mind. I had the mountains, fresh air, a killer view of Provo and my feet underneath me. What else could  you ask for?
I think i am getting addicted to trail running. I spent 2 hours online Sunday searching for trail running shoes.

Sunday: Church and rest. My upper calf had been acting up. After church i decided to ice it while vegging out on the couch. I got absolutely nothing done, but it was soooo nice just to put my feet up and relax.

My goals for this weekend: CrossFit 3 days this week, 2 CrossFit endurance with Angie, 1 medium run (10 miles) and 1 long run.

Can this be done? I don't know. I have 4 people (in laws and uncles) coming in from Denmark on Thursday for 3 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!! I know, i know, it's going to be a crazy week. I might just end up with toilet bowl crosstraining and no runs. I'm staying positive.

My own calcutta this weekend: Rockin' Friday night CrossFit and a long trail run with some inspirational woman.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Review: 4 stars!

I was lucky enough to see the movie with three gorgeous ladies... my mom, I Have Run, and Alicia Runs. I Have Run and I already bought tickets in early March, but i also won 2 tickets from Running Diva Mom (thank you Diva!)
Throughout the film, i think my jaw dropped a few times and I am positive I saw several jaw drops from my mom, who has never run before.

I took a few things home from the movie that were truely inspirational.

1. Terry ran 75 marathons in 75 days. My goal is too run 1. Just one!!! It's as simple as that.

2. At the end interview, Terry explains how the run was really a mind game. I've brushed the surface of the mental aspect of running, but i didn't know how truely important it is to trick your mind into going further. Very interesting.

3. Also at the end interview, he said, "you have to tell yourself you are having fun." Isn't that what running is all about. It's not all gumdrops and rainbows, but i run becasue i love it and it IS fun. I need to remember that sentence even when i don't perform as well as i'd hoped or when i think, "why the heck am i doing this?"

There is one thing i did not like. He was asked if he runs to this day. "Only when i'm being chased!", he answered.
No, no, no! Did you not learn anything at all from your "spiritual" 75 days? Running is not an end goal, it's a journey.. a lifestyle. I was very disapointed when i heard he doesn't enjoy running any more. It's as if he used the sport to get what he wanted and then threw it away when he didn't need it anymore. Bad, bad running man.

April 1st and it's sunny and 70 in Utah. Mind you it won't last for long, but i'll take it. I have my first "real" CrossFit session today. I am done with my fundementals and now i can start getting my buttock kicked. Tomorrow is 18 miles with Sojourners running club. I'm not sure where they are running, but it's going to be a beautiful weekend, so i'll go where the sunshine takes me.

Have a great April 1st everyone!