Friday, April 1, 2011

Review: 4 stars!

I was lucky enough to see the movie with three gorgeous ladies... my mom, I Have Run, and Alicia Runs. I Have Run and I already bought tickets in early March, but i also won 2 tickets from Running Diva Mom (thank you Diva!)
Throughout the film, i think my jaw dropped a few times and I am positive I saw several jaw drops from my mom, who has never run before.

I took a few things home from the movie that were truely inspirational.

1. Terry ran 75 marathons in 75 days. My goal is too run 1. Just one!!! It's as simple as that.

2. At the end interview, Terry explains how the run was really a mind game. I've brushed the surface of the mental aspect of running, but i didn't know how truely important it is to trick your mind into going further. Very interesting.

3. Also at the end interview, he said, "you have to tell yourself you are having fun." Isn't that what running is all about. It's not all gumdrops and rainbows, but i run becasue i love it and it IS fun. I need to remember that sentence even when i don't perform as well as i'd hoped or when i think, "why the heck am i doing this?"

There is one thing i did not like. He was asked if he runs to this day. "Only when i'm being chased!", he answered.
No, no, no! Did you not learn anything at all from your "spiritual" 75 days? Running is not an end goal, it's a journey.. a lifestyle. I was very disapointed when i heard he doesn't enjoy running any more. It's as if he used the sport to get what he wanted and then threw it away when he didn't need it anymore. Bad, bad running man.

April 1st and it's sunny and 70 in Utah. Mind you it won't last for long, but i'll take it. I have my first "real" CrossFit session today. I am done with my fundementals and now i can start getting my buttock kicked. Tomorrow is 18 miles with Sojourners running club. I'm not sure where they are running, but it's going to be a beautiful weekend, so i'll go where the sunshine takes me.

Have a great April 1st everyone!

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