Friday, February 24, 2012

My New Eve's

 I am cheap. Beyond cheap. So when I buy a new pair of running shoes, I research, study, compare, and evaluate. The night before i punched in my visa number, i was tossing and turning, contemplating all sides of each shoe. I finally found "thee" pair.

The Fed Ex truck pulled up early this morning and I ran out in the frosty winter air, snatched the box from the driver's hands and took off into the house. The poor guy didn't know what hit him.

I tried them on and giggled. They fit like a glove! I didn't waste any time. I hit the pavement on a 3 mile quickie run and felt as if i were running in the clouds.

Do you also feel like a giddy school girl when you get a new pair of running shoes?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Tea Party x14

Valentine's Tea Party
 The things you do for your kids. Here were some of the choice quotes from that afternoon. Which was pleasant, but by no means relaxing.

1. "I'd rather be running."

2. "Really?? All 14 girls can come? What a surpriiiise! Wonderful Livi's."

3. "Red soda will eventually come out.. really sweetheart, stop crying."

                                                                       4. "Did we really say 12:00-3:00!?! Oh,
                                                                       my gosh, it's only 12:45!"

                   5. "I'd rather be running."
                      (whoops, did i write that twice?)

Am i a bad mom or what?... or maybe i'm just normal and no one else reveals these truths?
Just sayin.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Moonlight Snowshoeing

1. Felt like BIGFOOT half the time (fiiine..all the time!).
2. You can't run!!!!! (Enough said!)
3. You have to slow down for the elder folk in the group. (I really do love old people).

1. Moonlight makes everything seem like a "snow white dream". (FYI: There was no alcohol involved... maybe a little hot chocolate.)
2. You can't run!!! (You actually slow down and enjoy nature.)
3. Fellowship (Definition: In Christianity, a term (translated from the Greek koinonia) referring to individual Christians who are in Christian communion with each other.)

Go snowshoe in the moonlight for goodness sakes!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Altra Eve Minimal Running Shoes

My new toy..or should i say my new "toys" since they come in two's.
I just bought my first pair of minimal running shoes. I've bought minimal before but never with zero drop. I'm kinda' excited to try them out.

I have been wanting to buy minimals for some time now. My research dug up my top favorites.
1. Newton. These are amazing, but mostly for triathlon's and they are not built for running longer than a 10K.
2. Inov-8. These are used by CrossFitters with a gummy sole.
3. Merrell-glove. Love these, but everyone at my gym has them...snooze/boring!

When i get them in the mail, i will be sure to send out a review.
PS: Free shipping at Born To Run

What do you run in?? Have you ever ran in a zero drop shoe?

Saturday, February 4, 2012

CrossFit Warning: You might just change into the person you've always wanted to be

It can't be said enough.. it really changes everything. You come out a different person. Things that seemed impossible are not only possible, but done with a mental and physical clarity that is astonishing! It's not pretty, easy or a walk in the park. But if you've ever wanted to transform yourself into someone else.. a better version of yourself- this is the place to do it.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Breakfast.. caveman style

My breakfast this morning: Paleo Eggs Benedict
 It's been a little over a year since i started training for my first marathon. 10 months since i started CrossFit and 4 months since i began to eat Paleo (aka: Caveman diet).

All my CrossFit buddies pushed, nagged and pulled me into their Paleo ways, but to no avail, I would not bow down. In a nut shell, i thought it was stupid -i mean, how smart were caveman anyway?

But slowly i started seeing the light -or the darkness first... muscle fatigue, no energy, achy knees, and low times on my running and CrossFit workouts. So, i thoght it'd give it a try. I started out slowly (this would mean 2 straight Paleo days and 5 cheat days). Then i bumped it up and now i am on 6 strict Paleo days and 1 cheat day.

I feel amazing!! An apple tastes as sweet as a big ol' slice of chocolate cake. No more belly bloating and feeling sluggish. And the best of all, my times have gone down and i am starting to PR again. And i must brag a little.. my muscle's are looking lean and ripped.

Could this be the next diet craze. Nope! It's the next "life style" craze. And I'm on the band wagon! Yee Haaaw!!