Thursday, July 26, 2012

A New World

Remember when you first started running.. really running. A new world opened up. You started planning your runs, you started buying running magazines, talking to running friends and trying to pick up secrets to run faster or run longer.

You entered a new world. A world that you had no idea existed. I entered into this world with my feet on the ground and smiling.

Now i have entered into another world. YOGA. I had my reservations. My past misconceptions of yoga fell into 5 categories.

1. You had to have a pony tail (male or female).
2. You must be a 'hippie' at heart and want world peace at all times.
3. You liked bending your body into uncomfortable pretzles.
4. It's JUST light stretching or kinda like Zumba (a fun sport).
5. You must give up alcohol, worldy possesions and negative relationships to practice yoga.

Ha! Well that's a laugh. After my first week of Ashtanga Yoga Training i can now see that yoga is so much more. It's an art form, a balance of breath, bandha's (3 secret locks), and your gaze (drishti). It has nothing to do with pony tails, world peace, and pretzles.

It is science that is 5,000 years old that doctors today are starting to examine because people are begining to be cured or feel relief from depression, parkinson's desease, high blood pressure, weight loss.. and on and on.

I never in my wildest dreams, thought i could be apart of something this big.. i just thought i enjoyed running and wanted to run.

What new world could you be exploring right now -instead of being on your computer??

Friday, July 13, 2012

Jill of all trades

I guess you could call me, "The Jill of all trades and the master of none". Just when i was begining to take off in running, i was pulled out of my little comfortable world and tossed into triathlons. In the midst of my unbalanced training schedule, injury crept in and utterly rocked my world. Going from doing the things i love, to sitting around and counting every little calorie that goes into my mouth is HELL. Some of you know what i'm talking about.

To dig myself out of this sort of hell, i have turned to 3 things. God, Physical Therapy and Yoga. I have found a peace with this trinity but amongst the peace, i can't seem to let Yoga just be a crutch i use when i'm injured. It has captured my heart, just like running has.

Running for me is unexplainable. "You like running -you ACTUALLY like it?", I hear from people all the time. "Yes, i do", i oddly reply. In today's world, runners are a rare breed. Yoga is similar. It is magically unexplainable. The feeling when i leave the class is peace, clear minded, vibrant, glowing. Why do i feel this way?

So with that question and along with my love for running, i start a new quest. A quest where i can sink myself into a new world: Yoga Certification. My certification starts in 10 days and will be held for 5 weeks. The schedule is a little crazy, but with a little organization, i should be ontop of it all -right?


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July friends! We had a wonderful July 3 & 4th at a friends house, the Provo Freedom Parade, and fireworks in our neighborhood.

I've done a little mental healing over the holiday and i am starting to get out of my injured-funk. I recently read an article about excepting situations and just letting them "be". For some odd reason it hit a tender spot, and ever since then i've made peace with my torn hamstring and mended my anger over my ripped glute. As far as healing physically, that's a whole i different ball game. I'm not in constant pain anymore, but it is constantly nagging me.

So far, i am still unable to run, crossfit or bike/swim. I am hoping my PT will let me do some kind of lower body exercise soon. If not... i will find inner peace with that too.