Thursday, December 1, 2011

Running and training for a triathlon is time consuming. Let's here it for ya' all that STILL stick to the training when it's Christmas time. Let's all agree and just sum it up in one simple text: IT SUCKS!

When i didn't run, swim and bike, I had no idea how to compact all that glorious Christmas fun into 25 days. Now that i am actually deep into training, i am 100% sure that i don't know what i'm doing.

I'm just sticking to the basics....

1. Tree up (i didn't say decorated)
2. Gifts bought (i never said wrapped)
3. Christmas Eve Dinner served (probably from Honey Baked Ham)
4. Buy a "naughty" outfit for my husband (oh, yes girls!!)
4. Smile (smile & laugh... ALOT... takes away all my cares!)

Life is simple.. that's all I need to survive the holidays. How bout you??