Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Half Marathon, Provo Utah

The Halloween Half was spooktacular!

How often do you get to run next to a shower at 7000 ft. elevation at 9am?? I rocked it as a baseball player.. hopeing i could go for the "A league of their own" vibe.

Bel dressed up as a pirate to support my crazy running cause. What was the actual cause.. HAVING FUN ofcourse!!! Isn't that why we all started running in the first place?

Oh yeah, finished in 1:52 and didn't even care about my time. Okiiii, maybe a little bit. :)

Have a safe Halloween everyone!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Moab, Utah

My birthday was on Friday and I am so lucky to have a husband that realized 35 years was a big deal. He swept me and our girls away to Moab, Utah. A place that i have always wanted to conquer. Conquer we did. We ended our 3 day vacation with smiles, a $75 national park ticket for off-roading (much to be explained) and a family bond that will never be forgotten. Thank you husband.... i love you.

Livi and I went crazy in the pool.

Running the mile up the canyon

I dared the girls to jump off the rock.. they did!
My favorite picture of Belle and I.

CrossFit Box Jump that turned into CrossFit "rock" jump.

My Own Calcutta: Taking a weekend to realize family is REALLY everthing.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Oh, so dirty!

If you've NEVER tried a mud run, then there's no time to waste. Start surfing the web and sign up for one now! It's yucky, muddy, slippery and oh' so much fun! Our CrossFit Endurance team tackled the Dirty Dash in September and just rocked it!

CrossFit Endurance

Me, on the famous mudslide

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The world of "normal"

I've been through some crazy things in my life, but nothing ever really prepares you for the REALY crazy stuff that life throws at you.

I am so happy to report that things are back to normal, and normal IS good. Very good. The normalsy of life has kicked in and the wondering of "what could have been's" are gone and now i am just enjoying time with my husband and 2 girls.

Running and Crossfitting are apart of my everyday life now and probably the only thing that is currently keeping me out of the looney bin these days.

I ran The Dirty Dash with the Crossfitt Endurance team 2 weeks ago and it rocked!!! I will post pictures as soon as i find my camera. It was so absolutely dirty, gross and loads of fun! Can't wait to do the 5k in June.

Right now i'm thinking about all of you... i can't wait to carve out some time and find out how your blogging/running lives have been. I feel like i missed so much. I know I Have Run ran St. George and i can't wait to hear all about it.

Lot's of love from "normal". It's good to be back.