Monday, May 21, 2012

Woman of Steel Triathlon

Swim: 300 m Bike: 13 miles Run: 3 miles

Yup -it was amazing!! My first triathlon and i smiled through the whole thing. I finished in 1 hour and 24 minutes and took #37 in my age group. Out of 900 woman i took #164 place. I am amazed at what my body can do. I LOVE MY BODY!!!!!

I pushed through the run even though my injuries were in a constant nagging state. My ankle hurt through the run, but my torn glute, which i thought would be the worst, seemed to hold up the best. Go figure.

I PR'd on my 5k (23:57) with a possible stress fracture. I'll find out tonight when i get the x-ray if it's a strained muscle or fracture. Let's pray for the first one!

My next triathlon is in 9 days and i'm freakin a little. Just a bit. I've never done an open water swim and i can't help but think it's going to be tough.

A few of us are headed out tomorrow morining on Utah Lake at 6am for our first open swim. If you don't hear back from me in a few days... call 911!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Who says you can't run in a skirt?

Don't you just love my messy house in the background?
 Some of my most memorable hikes have been in zero drop gummy sandals from Old Navy and a flowing white skirt that trimmed my knees. I've matured since those "hippie" days and i am now hooked on running skirts.

My newest addition to my skirt- family is my black Kyodan shortie. I bought it just for my upcoming triathlon (which is my first.. YIKES!).

Race day is soon approaching and oddly enough i don't feel nervous. I'm excited, but not having any pre-race jitters. I wonder why?

Picking up my race packet tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait!
Have a great week everyone.

Here I am in Zion National Park with my "hippie" skirt in 2010

Now i can be a "lady" when i run

Or Not!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Welcome to the club


How do you train for 5 triathlons, 2 half marathons, 3 5k's, take care of a husband, a handicap child and a 7 year old, while still writing a running blog?

The answer:

You don't!! Hence the disappearance of me for a few weeks.

I've come to the conclusion, if you write on your blog every week (or sometimes every day) you must be apart of one of these clubs.

1. I don't have children club.
2. I don't have a job or I am a stay-at-home mom/dad club.
3. I don't really run club.. faker!!
4. I am highly organized and have been treated for OCD in my lifetime club.
5. I take my childs ADHD medicine club.

I'm in a club too.. actually quite a few.

1. Injured club (torn glute)
2. Skipping workouts to spend time with my husband because he never see's me club.
3. Freaking out because my triathlon is in 4 days club.
4. Why did i sign up for 5 triathlons this summer club?

What club are you in?

Here are a few pictures from my skipped bike workout. Instead of hills on the bike, i fired up the campfire and toasted marshmellows while daddy finished up the playhouse.