Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Who says you can't run in a skirt?

Don't you just love my messy house in the background?
 Some of my most memorable hikes have been in zero drop gummy sandals from Old Navy and a flowing white skirt that trimmed my knees. I've matured since those "hippie" days and i am now hooked on running skirts.

My newest addition to my skirt- family is my black Kyodan shortie. I bought it just for my upcoming triathlon (which is my first.. YIKES!).

Race day is soon approaching and oddly enough i don't feel nervous. I'm excited, but not having any pre-race jitters. I wonder why?

Picking up my race packet tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait!
Have a great week everyone.

Here I am in Zion National Park with my "hippie" skirt in 2010

Now i can be a "lady" when i run

Or Not!

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