Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Altra Eve Minimal Running Shoes

My new toy..or should i say my new "toys" since they come in two's.
I just bought my first pair of minimal running shoes. I've bought minimal before but never with zero drop. I'm kinda' excited to try them out.

I have been wanting to buy minimals for some time now. My research dug up my top favorites.
1. Newton. These are amazing, but mostly for triathlon's and they are not built for running longer than a 10K.
2. Inov-8. These are used by CrossFitters with a gummy sole.
3. Merrell-glove. Love these, but everyone at my gym has them...snooze/boring!

When i get them in the mail, i will be sure to send out a review.
PS: Free shipping at Born To Run

What do you run in?? Have you ever ran in a zero drop shoe?


  1. I like to run in my ghost 4's by Brooks. I also like my launches for racing. I had some issues going to a lower heel from the adidas I had- at first - and ended up with calf strain. In the end, I think a bit lower is better, but still cushioned. For me :)

  2. That is exactly what i am worried about.. injury. Going from a minimal shoe to a zero drop takes some time. I think i will wear them around the house for a little while. Ghost 4's by Brook? Dang -why didn't i know about those before i bought the Eve's!!