Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Breakfast.. caveman style

My breakfast this morning: Paleo Eggs Benedict
 It's been a little over a year since i started training for my first marathon. 10 months since i started CrossFit and 4 months since i began to eat Paleo (aka: Caveman diet).

All my CrossFit buddies pushed, nagged and pulled me into their Paleo ways, but to no avail, I would not bow down. In a nut shell, i thought it was stupid -i mean, how smart were caveman anyway?

But slowly i started seeing the light -or the darkness first... muscle fatigue, no energy, achy knees, and low times on my running and CrossFit workouts. So, i thoght it'd give it a try. I started out slowly (this would mean 2 straight Paleo days and 5 cheat days). Then i bumped it up and now i am on 6 strict Paleo days and 1 cheat day.

I feel amazing!! An apple tastes as sweet as a big ol' slice of chocolate cake. No more belly bloating and feeling sluggish. And the best of all, my times have gone down and i am starting to PR again. And i must brag a little.. my muscle's are looking lean and ripped.

Could this be the next diet craze. Nope! It's the next "life style" craze. And I'm on the band wagon! Yee Haaaw!!

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