Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Tea Party x14

Valentine's Tea Party
 The things you do for your kids. Here were some of the choice quotes from that afternoon. Which was pleasant, but by no means relaxing.

1. "I'd rather be running."

2. "Really?? All 14 girls can come? What a surpriiiise! Wonderful Livi's."

3. "Red soda will eventually come out.. really sweetheart, stop crying."

                                                                       4. "Did we really say 12:00-3:00!?! Oh,
                                                                       my gosh, it's only 12:45!"

                   5. "I'd rather be running."
                      (whoops, did i write that twice?)

Am i a bad mom or what?... or maybe i'm just normal and no one else reveals these truths?
Just sayin.

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