Thursday, April 14, 2011

Zion and LasVegas here we come!

After almost a week with the in-laws in Utah, it's time for the lion to escape out of it's cage. I've been lucky enough to get my short speed runs in, my medium tempo runs, and even 3 CrossFit sessions and a CrossFit endurance... all the while entertaining the in-laws, aunts and uncles from Denmark.

Now it's time to have fun! I still need to log in some good runs, but i've planned everything out. Usually when i plan things out, something inevitably goes wrong.
I'm staying positive.

Thee Plan (i call it "thee" because i only have one. if this fails, i fail.)

Day 1/Zion National Park: We arrive about 1:00 pm. Slow 3 mile River Walk with the girls, in-laws, aunt and uncle.
A 6 mile speed hike to the Emerald Pools with aunt/uncle. Then I can hopefully talk them into shuttling themselves back on the bus so i can run 10 miles back to the hotel.

Day 2/Las Vegas: My CrossFit endurance "homework" from my trainer, on a Monte Carlo treadmill at the BCOD (butt crack of dawn). I've already talked to my in-laws about getting an attached room so we can prop the door open when i leave for the hotel gym at 6am. They nod in agreement, as they stare at me in silence as though i am a drug addict. lol.

Day 3/Las Vegas: Have fuuuuuuuun! No workouts, no worries.. it's spring break!

Day 4 /Five hour drive home: Keep the water flowin', Lara bars ago in' and positive thoughts movin' (usually drink Monster caffeine drinks, eat salt and vinegar chips, and end up getting in a heated discussion with my mother in-law).

Here are some pictures from last years trip to Zion National Park. Greatest place on earth if you ask me.

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