Thursday, April 7, 2011

Low on miles, high on love

My milage this week is next to nothing (4 miles to be exact) but i got 3 crossfit sessions in already, and i am sooooo happy.
The other day my husband said, "Farrah, can you run a marathon without running? Because you havn't been running lately. Maybe this crossfit thing wasn't the smartest idea."

He may be onto something... you kinda have to run if your going to run a marathon. Nothing gets past him! lol.

Then why do i feel so dang good. Everytime i end a crossfit session i feel as though i have run 10 miles. My confidence is soaring and i feel like i got this. I can do this.

But doubt is creeping in my head beacause i'm not putting in my regular miles. Angie my crossfit endurance trainer said she felt the same way in the begining, but changed her mind when her race scores were blown out of the water. She said stick to your long weekend runs, regular crossfit and crossfit endurance, then you will be smokin' on race day. Could she be right?

Should i trust in the process or should i double up (crossfit plus mid-week runs)??
I don't know if i can double up. When will i ever see my husband and kids?

Like i said, low on milage but i'm absolutely loving this crossfit thing.

PS: Picking up the Denmark gang in 5 hours. Better get going. Bel has riding, Liv has a soccer game and i have toilets to clean and beds to make.

Happy Thursday everyone!

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  1. I figured you must be having company when G came home and said she couldn't have a playdate with Liv for a while because her Grandpa is going to be here.

    I can't wait to see how crossfit works with your running! Have a great weekend and an awesome week off!!