Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Diary of a vacationing runner

Diary of a vacationing runner:

The plan was to leave on Friday and drive 4.5 hours to Zion National Park and spend the day hiking on breathtaking trails, then take off for a 2 day stay in Las Vegas. Did everything go as planned? Ofcourse not! But we had fantastic time anyway. I even got a few unexpected runs in.

An amazing start to an amazing vacation. 1 hour outside of Provo my car breaks down! We have it loaded with smiles and excitment and then KapOOOt. We managed to drive it back to an auto shop and have good ol' dave take a look at it. Mind you, dave is been my best friend ever since he took apart my transmission and didn't put it properly back together again. I've seen him more times in the last month than my own husband. I don't like dave very much right now. Dave says it will take 4 to 5 hours... maybe a day or two. He just doesn't know. 

Calmness rushes over me when i see a car rental business across the street. We decide if good ol' dave take only 4 hours we won't rent a car. If he takes longer, we will be renting one. My mom picks up the rest of the gang and i decide to run the 4 miles home. I just bought a brand new pair of minimal New Balance trail runners and i had been dying to try them out. WOW! They did not disappoint.

Friday evening:

Our rental car
Dave calls and says my car should not be ready in 5 hours, but in 5 days! Let's just say dave is not very popular around the house at this moment. We rent a car and head out for the long drive at 4:30 pm. We are way past schedule but who cares. We arrive around 9-ish in complete darkness. I've taken the beautiful drive many times before, but never in the dark. It was as if I had this beautiful wonder right under my nose and I couldn't see it. It tore me apart. I couldn't wait until the sun peaked out of those magestic mountains. To me, a trip to Zion is like coming home.
Run log: 4 miles

Saturday morning:
The sun did rise and i got the girls out of their soft hotel bed and said, "Let's go eat pancakes!" They sprang up and jumped into their swimsuits. I had promised them this would be a "swim-vacation". We ate at a local restaraunt with ceiling to floor glass windows and a view that could simply put any human at peace. Glorious red rocks towering over the heavens right as the morning sun blanketed the trees. If you have never been to Zion... GO! It is indescribable.

After pancakes the girls swam, while i caught up on my latest read. Dean Karnazes, Ultramarathon Man. Holy tornado, this is a fantastic book. After reading the first 4 chapters i automaticly want to get out and run. I suddenly see my danish in-laws struggling with the pool door.

Yeah! They are back from their hike and it's my turn. I was instructed to take my Uncle Bob and Aunt Theresa on a 6 mile hike through the Emerald Pools. Yes mam'.

Saturday afternoon:
I am rearing to go, but i suddenly remember i have to take it easy. Uncle Bob and Theresa are in good shape, but they are in no shape to trail run. I have concocted a plan. Ease them into a stong walk, give them directions up to the upper pool and take off running. The plan works. They even sugest i leave them behind, as they can see i am struggling with just walking. "Farrah, we know you want to run, so run. We'll catch up to you." I am beyond thrilled. I tell them to just follow the signs and we will meet at the upper pool.

View of Emerald Pools from lower pool
I take off in a dusty fury. I am running in Zion! I feel the warm wind, the rocks underneath my feet... I feel like i am home. On my dads side we have traceable indian roots dating back many generations. My ancestors did this everyday. I convince myself this is where the word "home" comes from. I power up to the upper pools. Last fall i struggled even walking up the sharp and uneven rocks and now i am hopping from rock to rock like a gazelle. This feels so freeing. I even got a few stares and comments. "Are you really going to try to run up this?", an older gentelmen said. "I'm going to try", i mumbled. I did. All the way up and it was one of the most amazing feelings i have had in a long time. 

Diary of a vacation runner continues... (I gotta go to work!)

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  1. Can't wait for the rest! Sounds like an amazing time, in spite of the car troubles.

    And I am sooooo excited for Saturday!