Saturday, April 30, 2011

1:58 Half Marathon

Best race experience eeeever! A big thanks goes to Candice from I Have Run! She was my rabbit, my pacer and she lead me to my goal... under 2:00. Thanks C.

It was a crazy experience. It's kind of like giving birth for the first time. You have to go over every detail in your mind, to secure the thought that it REALLY happened.

Tonight, sitting at my computer, it all feels like a dream. It would be amazing to go over every last detail, but unfortunately i would loose alot of readers after my initial excitement over pooping at 5am.

Sooo, i will spare you the gruesome details and give you some highlights instead.

-Pooping at 5am (so exciting!).

-Getting 2 hours of light sleep due to excitment and nerves.

-Meeting up with C and actually talking to someone i know before a race.

-Leaving C at mile 5 and going to the bathroom.

-Mile 8 Where is the freakin' water station. Havn't had my GU and i need water.

-Mile 10 Just a 5k and i'm home. Can i keep up this pace? I'm dying.

-Mile 11 I have to go pee again!?!?! Crap! Hit the porta and can't go. Mad that i wasted time.

-Mile 12 Really?.. only mile 12... i feel like i've been running since december? That girl is walking, why can't i walk. No... don't walk.

-Mile 12.5 Why did i sign up for a full marathon in June -am i nuts?!?! I am nuts.

-Mile 12.8 I see the holy grail... the finish line...kick it into gear Farrah.

-Mile 12.9 Crap! Where the heck did she come from (curly brunette cruising through on my right).

Mile 13. No you don't girl!! She starts racing me. I start racing her. I hear the crowd through the Justin Timerlake song on my nano. The crowd is cheering.

Adrenaline...adrenaline. I pump my legs as hard as i can. We are neck to neck. I'm thinking, "this is mine". She disapears as i cross the finish line. I can't breath... i am totally gone.

And that my friends is PAIN. But soooo much FUN! Where do i sign up for the next one?

My own calcutta today: Running a half marathon under 2 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I'm still on a high because YOU got your under 2!!!

  2. So excited for you, and I LOVE the photo of you and your girls at the finish!