Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Blisters, blunders and bombs

After a bit of a high from a satisfying half marathon, i expected roses and tulips the week after. Yeah right!

I used Sunday, as a normal recovery day. It was magical. I ate, i slept, i shmoosed, i vegitated. I had no guilt (as i usually do) and i felt like i deserved the well needed rest. I woke up a little sore but nothing out of the norm. I did have a blister the size of a silver dollar on my left foot but i didn't think much of it. It was painful but i thought with a day rest it should heal just fine. Yeah right!

Monday morning, i felt as if i could take on the world. My CrossFit trainer said i would. When your CF endurance trainer has a 2 day recovery from Iron Man, you listen. You listen good. So far she proved right. I had no soreness and i felt amazing. I got up at 5:45 am at my usual time and trained with my CrossFit class. My CF trainer yelled to the class, "13.1 miles on Saturday and Farrah is as fresh as a daisy." I said, "Yes sir", as i jerked myself down to run the last 400 m of the morning.

Now the horror... the blister from hell!!! As i was running my last 400m it popped... and it hurt. I came wobbeling home, peeled back my wet sock and wailed in horror. I felt as if my left foot had been cut off. Pain when i went to work, pain when i left work, pain when i got home... pain... pain... pain.

"You are going to have to stop runnin' and put your feet up for a while", my mamma said. "Oki doki mamma let me just tell you one thing, thats like telling me i can't breath or can't live. Let me just roll over and die then!" She stares at me as i have lost my marbles. I hate when non-runners...  don't run! I have a marathon in 5 weeks, and i don't have the luxury of putting my feet up. I think, rest and recovery and this thing is healed in a few days.

24 hours is a few days to a runner, right? So i did my 24 hours of rest and hated every minute of it, then sneaked in a CrossFit class this evening and bombed. My blister hurt, my endurance was crap, and i felt as if i didn't even care.

I guess the week after a high can't always be much higher.

My own calcutta today: Accepting an injury (even if it is an embarrassing one like a blister).

What do you use to prevent blisters??? Pleeeease tell.


  1. To prevent blisters I don't run 13.1 miles. :D

  2. Love Rachael's comment. Still can't believe you did CF Monday morning!

    I use Glide or 2Toms SportShield on my blister prone areas and wear either WrightSocks or Smart Wool socks. I still get little blisters once in a while, but nothing like yours!!

  3. Ha ha Rach! Us runners ARE pretty weird.

    Thanks C! I am buying those things this weekend. It kills me to say this, but no running until this thing heals. Hopefully by Monday i can get back in the saddle. How embarrassing.. "Gee i have to pull out of Utah Valley because of a blister".

    That is NOT an option! Grrrr.