Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pictures from Farrah

I'm originally from California. Not many people know this about me. I grew up basking in the southern sunshine state . My brother and i played outside from January to December. The only kind of clothes i owned were one pair of "school clothes" and 10 baithing suits. I had a great childhood.

Each time i return i feel like i'm returning to my roots. I would never move back there. Too populated, too much crime. I'd miss my snow covered mountians too much. But i do love going back to visit. Especially when it's Grandpa Marvin's 80th birthday.

I can't wait to take a "girl" road trip with my mom and my girls. And the biggest surprise of all... we are stopping by Disneyland on the way home. The girls have no idea. When we fasten our seatbelts we will tell them the BIG ONE! I can't wait to see their reaction.

Here are a few pictures from our disney adventures through the years.

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