Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The unexpected

This has been an amazing running week. I tempo-ed, i speed-eded (is that a word?), i slow runned, i CrossFitted, i did it all. All in all i hit 38 miles. My highest yet. Memorial Day weekend i did a 18 miler and it was soooo wonderful to know my body is capable of going that distance.

After all my marathon is only 12 days away, so why not push hard, right?

Wrong! Double wrong. Pushing hard right before a race is plain stupid.
I didn't listen and now i am paying for it.

Yep the dreaded "I" word : Injury.

At mile 15 on my 18 miler i felt a strange pain on top of my foot/ankle. I stopped and loosened up my shoelace but it kept on bugging me. It forced me to change my stride and i really struggled to run comfortably those last 3 miles. I made it to mile 18 and called it a day.

When i got home i iced and elevated my foot, but it was still pretty tender. Today it feels better but no running, CrossFitting, jumping or sneezing until this thing is all gone.

What could it be? A pulled tendon, the begining of a stress fracture? And more importantly what if it does go away and then resurfaces on marathon day. I don't think i could continue running with that kind of pain. I can't stand the thought of not finishing.

My Own Calcutta today: Don't let the fear of the unknown chase you down.


  1. Oh no! Not now! Does it feel like it's the bone??
    I have had pains there exactly when you got them in the late stages of my longest runs. Mine was more to the inner side like where your top shoelace hole is on your shoe. I always tried to loosen my laces as well.
    The good news is it went away and never cropped up on race day. I hope this is the case for you as well.
    Until them back off and be careful. The hay is in the barn!

  2. I've had that pain,too, while training for my first marathon. I was fine in about a week. You are doing the right thing by resting it.

    Hope to "run" into you at Utah Valley!