Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Diary of a vacationing runner (part 2)

Diary of a vacationing runner continues...

Saturday: After my sprint up the jagged rocks, i end at thee most glorious sight. I've seen it many times before, yet it always stuns the eye. Tourist after tourist cram in to see the emerald falls, but the tourist irritate me, so i seek refruge high on the rocks. I climb up high into the hills and find the perfect rock, full of fresh spring moss and silence.

I meet up with Bob and Theresa 20 minutes later and deligate another route back down the mountain. It's a good choice..a very good choice. We end up seeing a spectacular view of the valley and river below.

After our short 3 mile walk down the mountain, we end at the Grotto trailhead. I waver on the decision of taking the shuttle to the nature center and running back to the hotel (3 miles) or running the whole way back to the hotel (10 miles). B and T suddenly remind me of the time, and suggest i take the 3 mile route. I smile and think, "speed work". I'll practice my negative split and try to run at a hard pace for the first 1.5 miles and then push it to the edge of the earth for the next 1.5 miles.

It fails. I come out to hard, and bomb at the end. I am STILL in Zion, i tell myself, and i am STILL feeling pretty darn good. I pat myself on the back and greet my in-laws.
I arrive in a panting sweaty mess, as they frown and tell me we are behind schedule. I go from wet/smelly/run to car. No time for a shower.

After our Emeralds Pool hike/run
Then from the car to the busseling lobby of the Monte Carlo. Soooo not fun when you look like a drowned rat that just failed at a negative split. At check in, i see to my right a group of girls in short evening dresses, perfect makeup and legs that went up to their necks. I feel very... smelly. I look the other way and think, "you've spent all day by the pool drinking fruity drinks, while i just hiked Zion - so there!" I feel better.

Run log: 9 miles


At 6 am i am fumbling out of bed trying to find my workout clothes. As i trip over my suitcase, i hear the voice of an angel. "Mommy, where are you going?" To run my sweet angel.. to run. Liv asks if she can come with me. I say sure. We sneak out of the room, making sure Bel is safe with my mother and father in law and then take the elevator down to the Monte Carlo gym.

"She can't come in", explains the rude receptionist. I guess you have to be 18 years old to enter the spa. We were headed to the gym, which is through the spa entrance. I try to convince her my little girl will not be bothering anyone, but she goes into a long explanation of rules and policies. I run Liv back up to the room with a smile and turn on cartoons.

Monte Carlo Gym
My medium run went out the window because i lost so much time, so i decided to work on my negative split again. This time it worked. The first 1.5 miles i kept a 9:00 min. pace and then the remaining 1.5 miles i kicked it up to a 8:35 min. pace. Not a world record but i feel like my CrossFit trainer might me onto something.
I was lucky enough to spend the rest of the day swimming with my girls, while my mother and father in-law saw the sights of LasVegas. One of these days i'm going to write a book about going to LasVegas with a handicap child. It will be a 1 page wonder. The one and only page will look something like this:
Advice on taking a down/autistic child to LasVegas....DON'T GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Those of you who have a special needs child know what i'm talkin' about if you've ever been to Vegas with them.

Farrah and Bel
I think i spent more time convincing Bel that she won't fall off of an elevator then seeing the sights. And then the other time, dodging all the stares that come with her melt downs and flip-outs when the noise and crowds got to be too much. I've learned one thing: keep it simple and swim.
Run Log: 3 miles (succesfull negative split)

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