Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Holy krabby patties!

Sooo wish this was my butt
 I've been having a little irritation in my hamstring for the last 2 weeks and decided to contact 'Muscle Works' in Highland, as it was not getting better.

My therapist (Stacy) said i possibly pulled my left hamstring. The culprit: I've been bumping up my intervals, speed work and cross training the last 4 weeks. She also suspects my weak stomach muscles and glutes are to blame. She gave me some special glute exercises to do 15 minutes a day and then told me to take off my pants.

Just kidding.... "please place on these shorts and open the door when you are done" she whispered, as she exited the room.

The next 10 minutes where screamingly unbearable. Is that even a word -screamingly?!?
I shed a tear or two, bit my hand, wailed and i think i might have passed a little gas... sorry Stacy.

Holy krabby patties!!!! I've had deep tissue before but this is nothing like it. I kept saying to myself, never again. I'd rather have this freaky pain in my hamstring, then go back to this devil. I vow silently inside my head i will never return.

10 minutes later i feel no pain in my hamstring.

I have another apointment  on Friday and Wednesday. :)


  1. If it means you can run Saturday, it was worth it! I will come in and talk to you when I drop my girl off in the morning so we can make a race day plan to connect. And I'm sure you will speed right by me. Apparently you are confused about how speedy I am not =)

  2. You crack me up! See you tomorrow girl.