Monday, June 13, 2011

I am officially apart of the marathon club :)

It was thee most beautiful run i have ever taken -almost spiritual. It was indescribable.
The first 13 miles were not very pleasant, but the last 13 were magical.
Here are the sorted details...

Mile 1-5 Ran with my brother-in-law the first 5. We were going at a 8:30 minute mile pace and he said, we have to slow down or we will crash at the end. So, we slowed to an 8:50 pace.

Mile 7 I had to release all that water i'd been gulping. Broke off from my brother-in-law and waited 4 minutes to go to the bathroom. I'm upset that i wasted the time.

Mile 7 I take a GU and some water, then start feeling sick. Severe stomach pains and i loose my rythym. Now it's time for the hills.... with stomach cramping. Great!

Mile 8-11 Pain, pain, pain. I can't shake these stomach cramps. I walk through mile 11 aid station and then they finally stop.

Mile 11-12 I've got this! I'm feeling on top of the world. I get a good pace going. I take my second GU.

Mile 13 Oh no! A familiar feeling...blister. It growing, rubbing....i have to get this thing bandaged up. I wasted 6 minutes at an aid station bandaging my blister. I'm off again!

Mile 14 Feel amazing.... i zone out the pain.

Mile 14-21 I need to get through the rest of this freakin' canyon to see the girls and hubby at mile 22. I push it a little more. This feels good.

Mile 22 I see the girls and hubby. A quick hug and then off to the finish line.

Mile 22-25 I am focused, i have a good pace. I feel no pain... it's lost in the music.

Mile 26 I can see the holy grail.... the finish line. I got this! I start a fast sprint to the finish line. I finish in 4:20.

Pain i enjoyed! Where do i sign up for the next one?? :)

I'm thinking Rock in' Roll LasVegas Marathon in December with I Have Run.

Care to join us??

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  1. Yes, yes, yes!!! Sign up. Maybe we can make it a girl's weekend. There is a blogger convention on Saturday too. We would have a blast!!!

    And I love that picture of you with my girl too. And all these on your blog. Your smile says it all!! You totally rocked it!!

    I am so inspired by you. If you run Vegas, you can be my pacer =)