Tuesday, June 28, 2011

CrossFit in Denmark

The witch burning night was a big hit. I couldn't stop saying hello to everyone. "Oh it's you!" and "Oh my gosh i remember you!!" It was just like old times. In short, we burned the witch, had some great food, and sang a few songs. My first Sankt Hans Aften in 5 years. It was just as  i imagined.

Another thing just as i imagined... CrossFit in Denmark.

I had not heard from the CrossFit owner so, i was unsure about just showing up to a class. But it had been about a week since i had been to CrossFit in Utah and i was going stur crazy. So it just so happend the kids were with their grandparents and i fumbled around the house and thought, "it's now or never." I took a bus into Roskilde (the nearest big town from our village) and showed up at the CrossFit doorstep.

As any CrossFit would do in the world, they opened their arms like i was one of their own. I walked in front of a big desk, and aked for the owner. We arranged a free class, and if i liked it i could sign up and if not, i could just leave it at that. Lucky for me, i loved it! I can't remember the last time i sweat so much in my life. The humitity must be very high here because it feels like working out in the amazon jungle.

I am very pleased with the world right now. There are people out there that are welcoming, caring, smiling, and just plain old nice. Coming into a new enviroment and a new country is hard, but danes make it so comfortable and easy.

It's a small world after all.

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