Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spilling The Beans

I have no plan and only 10 weeks away from my first tri. My endurance trainer tells me 10 weeks is an eternity in the tri-world. Then why does it feel just around the corner. Here's me spilling the beans about training for 5 -yes 5 upcoming triathlons.

Here is what IS working:
- x5 day a week CrossFit (this makes me feel like a goddess.. if i can deadlift 195 pounds -or- do 100 pull ups in a row -or- run a mile after throwing a 16 pound ball 50 times in the air...  well sir, i can do just about anything!)
- i bumped up swiming to x2 times a week
- sticking to a strict muscle building Paleo diet (2 cheat meals a week)
- "i got this" attitude (you freakin' ran a marathon last year.. you CAN do this Farrah!)

Here is what's NOT working:
- the big mac i just scarfed down today
- i've never bricked before in my life
- i almost never ride my bike (4 times since december!!) Ouch!
- i am still breaking in my new zero drop shoes.. double ouch!
- i don't have charts, schedules or any organization involved in my training
- "i don't got this" attitude (what if you fail, fall, drown, drop out??)

Any advice??


  1. No advice, but I know you've got this. The fact that you are signed up for FIVE tris is proof. You are superhuman! Someday I want to be you :)

    1. C, you just made my day! Thank you for the encouragement. You are right.. i got this. See you on Saturday!!