Saturday, April 28, 2012

Not what i expected

And you thought running gear was hard?!!
 The deal: 25 mile bike ride and a 10 mile run with 4 other cyclist, triathletes, runners.

Preperation: Up until 10:00pm packing, worrying, debating, thinking.. finally around 12:00 sleep arrived.

Dream: Kicking some serious butt on a 25 miler then timing my transition (hopefully under 2:00 min.) and then hauling on foot up a mountain.

What "really" happened: We all froze to death on the bikes at 30 degrees.. headed back after 7/8 miles, then everyone whining and complaining about dipping their toes in coffee and having a hot breakfast.

As a runner i exclaim, "You mean we aren't going to run??"

Might as well have told me there was no air on the planet. I said a courteous goodbye to the others and went to my special place where i am always welcomed.. MOTHER NATURE (if you live in Utah.. aka THE MOUNTAINS).

I enbark on a 4 mile run up Mount Timp huffing and puffing and realize something big. Very BIG.  In the aftermath of biking 8 miles, catching my breath through the rocky hills, catching a glimse of (probably) the last covered snow mountains, and reaching a silence that only birds get to hear.. i realized one thing.

I AM A RUNNER. I am not a biker, even though i enjoy it. I am not a swimmer even though it's challenging. I am a runner by heart and nature. Why?

I can catch a moment in every run that is absolute serenity. I can't explain it. It never happens in a swim or a bike, but in a run i feel like i'm "home". Like i was born to do this.

Born to run. Oh, yeah!.. i'm by no means fast, but i have peace with my mind, body and soul when i run and that makes me feel fast.

Are you born to run??


  1. This post made me smile. I thought we were losing you to tris =) I am glad we were both born to run!

    1. Aaaaw.. you'll never loose me. So sweet C!