Thursday, June 28, 2012

10 steps to a "Deep Hole"

Jordanelle Triathlon (humbly supported my 2 fellow triathletes while i bit my lip until it bled) 
Deep Hole is an appropriate heading for this next post. Why? Let's do a quick replay of the last few months...

1. Injured in April (thought it was just an inflamed piriformis/glut muscle)
2. Trained through it and suffered only to find out i tore glute and hamstring muscles
3. Salem Triathlon
4. Chiropractor sends me to a sports Doctor. Doc says "Put A Fork In You.. You are DONE.. No More Racing!!"
5. Transfers me to Utah Valley Medical Center
6. Physical Therapy for 4-6 weeks with Graston Therapy (aka torture)
7. x4 Graston Sessions and only 25% improvement
8. No running, No CrossFit, No Biking, No Swimming, light Yoga.
9. Pounds piling on, craving sugar/carbs, muscle tone dwindling away in legs and arms, feel like a FAT pig!
10. Deep Hole here i come! Diving in!!

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