Thursday, June 21, 2012

Second Triathlon: Salem Tri

The 3 stooges at the Salem Triathlon
 My second triathlon was sucky! I was so torn up about the open water swim. But i kept my thoughts positive and said to myself, "i can do this" -even though i freaked out in the trial swim.

Guess what? I freaked out in the "real" swim and ended up backstroking my butt off for a few hundred meters then switching to breast stroke. I think i actually doggie paddeled at one point. Who knows!?

The point is, i made it through the swim (19 min/800 m. -embarassing!) then did not kill it on the bike, and then did not even close kill it on the run. I ended up with a time of 1:37 (i wanted 1:30) and ran a 9:00 mile.

A 9:00 mile!!!!!!!! What is wrong with me??????????????????????????????

After Salem Tri we hit the Dirty Dash for a quick 5k mud run
 I soon found out. The lingering doom was just 48 hours ahead when i went in to see my sports chiropractor that Monday. My wonderful chiropractor had been taping and cold lasering and god knows what to my ass just to get me through these triathlons. I had this painful torn glute muscle (and possibly hamstring) since that faithful day in April at CrossFit when i did a heavy deadlift. It nagged, it re-torn, it hurt, it throbbed and the worst of all.. it NEVER got better.

My chiropractor finally said enough is enough and sent me to a sports doctor the next day. The sports doc said the words i had been dreading, "you are OUT for the WHOLE season".. NO RUNNING for a few months!!! That's when my heart stopped, my life ended and i couldn't breath.

No running ment exactly that.. not breathing, not living, no challenges, a bottomless pit of nothing!!! NOTHING MY FRIENDS.


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