Monday, February 21, 2011

On the seventh day He rested

On the 7th day she rested.
Resting means no running; not living.

7:00  Coffee and computer
8:00  Knee strengthening exercises (yes my knee is still bugging me)
8:30  Take a shower, only to find my diamond has fallen out of my wedding ring.
9:00  Head out the door for church with a bowl of flaxseed cereal

9:30  First service
10:45 Teach Sunday school. Lesson is about washing the disciples feet. On hands and knees washing 20 little stinky feet and suddenly i feel very humbled.
12:45 Head home to grap a bite and hit the RV show with family
2:00 In and Out burgers for lunch (remind myself i deserve it after 13.1 yesterday)
3:00 RV show is worth the overpriced $9, as it gets me excited for upcoming camping season and hikes/runs
5:00 Transmission blows out of my car (crap, there goes $2,000 dollars)

7:00 Husband makes amazing dinner (soy marinated tri-tip, home made french fries, bulgar salad), while i do absolutely nothing on the couch.
9:00 Have a cherished moment with the girls when we discover My Fair Lady on tv. Bella starts dancing, Olivia cuddles up in my arm and asks a zillion question about the "oldin' dayz" movie.
10:00 Fall asleep in Bella's bed with her arms wrapped around me.


  1. You are a runner, do you really need a transmission?

  2. What a perfect end to your day. And My Fair Lady - one of my all-time favorite movies!!!!

    (Sorry about the ring and transmission though.)