Saturday, February 19, 2011

"What now?"

We all run for different reasons.
Anyone who says they run just for fun, is lying.

My reason started at the begining of the holiday season last year. After a year and a half of begging and pleading for a third child, my husband finally looked me in the eyes and said, "It's not going to happen -ever! Let it go." I was crushed. A bullet right to the heart. How do you let go of something when you want it so badly?

At the begining of Christmas break, i ended up at a crossroad.
I could:
1. Have another "oops" and feel the rath of my husband for the next 9 months.
2. Accept it and move on.

Then something magical happened. Yes, magical. The light bulb went on. That moment was so profound it still gets me up and running on those cold dark days. I asked myself this simple question which infact started my running journey:
"What now?"

"WHAT NOW!!!!"
I am 34.
I have a beautiful house.
I have an amazing marriage.
I have my dream job.
I am at peace with god.
I have the dog, the white fence.
A trailer, a boat.
Crap..."What now?"

Is this all life has to offer?
I suddenly panicked and thought, if i live until 100, what else do you do with your life???

Then it hit me like nothing has hit me before... you run. That day i looked up a training program for a half marathon. And started running.

Eight weeks later, it has changed my intire perspective on life.
It's a world that i didn't even know existed.
If i'm going to live until 100 (you bet i am!) then i 'm going to be running until i get there.

Like i said, anyone who says they run just for fun, is lying.

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