Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wild animal on the loose

With a house full of danish guests, it hasn't been easy getting my weekly runs in. A few of our guests arrived on Saturday afternoon. I was lucky enough to sneak a 10 mile run in before they rang the door bell.

It felt akward running 10 miles, when i had not put in my weekly short runs. I missed a 3 and a 7 mile due to cleaning toilets, making beds and grocery shopping. I tried not to beat myself up for it, but you know how that went.

I woke up Saturday morning, saying to myself, you are going to run today or die. After making stawberry pankcakes for the girls, i finally put my shoes on, snapped my nano into place, opened the front door and smelt the newly fallen snow. I felt like a wild animal escaping out of a cage.

Mile 2, every single negative thought was magically erased.
By mile 7, i was thinking, you are a goddess.
By mile 10, i had solved all the problems of the world.
Don't you just love those kinds of runs?

My own calcutta for this upcoming week:
I vow, even though i have company for the next 7 days, i will stay on my running schedule (3,7,4 and 15 miles).

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