Thursday, March 3, 2011


Oh the dreaded word: Time.

You would think because this is a semi-running blog, i would be talking about my running time.

When you work, come home, make dinner for 9 people, clean up, then fall into bed at 10:00, time means something else than beating my 9 minute mile.

Don't get me wrong, I love having guests... especially danish guests. They pull their own weight with the chores and make things easy on the hostess. But it's still a different dynamic in the house and with my running.

I am very proud to say i did NOT foregoe my Monday 3 mile speed work and my 4 mile run this week. Today I have a 7 mile and i have no clue how i am going to fit that in.

It's chinese night and i think i have 2 egg rolls buried in the freezer (maybe). This means home at 4pm from a long day at work, grocery shopping, then preparing an amazing chinese dinner for 9 people. Did i metion dessert too.

Time. This week, i loathe the word.

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