Friday, March 18, 2011


I've been MIA for the last few days because of a sick child.

Let me just tell you, sick children are not fun to be around. They vomit gross disgusting things out of their mouths, then without any warning it explodes out the other end. They whine, cry, beg, shout, and demand. They wake up at 1 am and want comfort and love at the blink of an eye.

Parents of sick children are not fun to be around. We are grumpy, tired, and ill-tempered beacause we have washed sheets for the gazillionth time, scrubbed vomit off our necks, held a sticky body at 1 am, and constantly hear whining and crying in one ear and begging, shouting and demanding in the other.

Running. What's that? I havn't had a minute to collect my thoughts, let alone find my running shoes. It's a bit tricky, this mom thing. On weeks like these, i ask myself, "am I a runner or a mom?" Because in real life you can't be both all the time.

This week i had to put my running shoes up and just be "mom." I'd like to say, it feels satisfying but i would be lying. It feels... crappy. My body is begging for a run. Just give me 40 minutes and 4 miles and i can release all this crappiness.

My own calcutta this week: I can always run, but i won't always be holding a sticky 6 year old at 1 am. These are the memonts she will remember. Not that you ran 30 miles this week, but that you didn't.


  1. Thanks for posting this. It is so hard to do sometimes. You have the right priorities.

  2. G said O was sick. I'm glad she is feeling better! Your last paragraph of this post is perfect.