Monday, March 7, 2011

The Big Labowski

I've been having on and off again knee problems for the last 10 weeks. My mom suggested i see a chiropractor. I am not big on chiropractors. I know, i know... regular chiropractor care mantains the entegrity of the spine and nervous system.. blah, blah, blah.

I have nothing against chiropractic care, it's just that i tend to backtrack on how nature intended us to live. One of my favorite phrases is, "Did they use _____ 100 years ago? No! Then why do we need it now??" I can already jump 10 years in the future and hear my two teenage girls nagging, when i tell them they can't have a cell phone, get off the computer and go for a run, and yes... eat your vegetables.

Even though mother nature takes over the best of me sometimes, i know what i have to do to accomplish my goals. I am running that marathon to the end, even if i have to crawl past the finish line. With that said, I saw a sports chiropractor today. He examined my hips, legs and feet. Yes, feet. I about died when he said, "Could you take off your shoes?" If you have ever seen my feet, they are a calloused mesh of ugliness. Although i have never met a runner with beautiful feet, i was slightly embarrassed. Mainly over the would-be odor. I quickly reminded myself, "Farrah, a runners feet are instruments... they should be ugly but FAST!" So i took them off.

No stink, thank goodness. He started wiggling my big toe on my right foot. He stared at my gnarled calloused toe and sighed deeply. When a chiropractor sighs deeply, it's not good.

He concludes i am having knee problems because of my big toe, hense The Big Labowski title/photo. He further explains i have limited big toe motion and this sends my feet into protective mode, which then sends my knee into tweaked out mode. I'm not sure that last description was a medical term, but you get the picture.

Solution: insoles. I go back on Wednesday with my overpriced insoles i bought at my local running store. He is cutting the insoles for toe support.

Wow... who would have ever thought i had knee problems because of my darn toe. Go figures.


  1. Who knew a big toe could cause all that commotion??? Glad you are getting some answers.

  2. That is really interesting. I am glad you got things figured out. Hopefully the insoles will do the trick!