Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Insanity it is!

Let's see if i can get this straight...

Saturday:  Join the Sojourners runners club for a run in Utah mountains.

Outcome: Join the running club and vow i will be perky and shiney every Saturday morning at 7am for the rest of my life.

Sunday:  Aproached by gym owner about Cross fit endurance for marathon runners.

Outcome: I commit to peaking in on the class midweek and seeing what the heck this Crossfit is all about.

Wednesday: I try Crossfit for the first time and think, "get me out of here!!!"

Outcome: I insanely agree to sign up and have a person kick my butt each tuesday, wednesday, friday and probably Saturdays after my morning run with my club.

I am officially insane.

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