Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Painfully enjoyable

It hurts, but it feels sooo good.
No, i am not cheating on my husband.
Although, i do think he is a bit jealous. The last couple nights i've been laying on the bedroom floor using it, while he begs me to come to bed.
I plead... just a little bit more!

My brother in-law, who is a personal trainer mentioned buying one and my running friends say they can't live without theirs. I popped into Big 5 and bought the cheapest one i could find. Bro in-law said buy a really outrageous expensive one because they last longer. I don't know what an expensive one feels like, but this one feels pretty darn good. I never knew stretching out an IT band could be so painfully enjoyable.
I'm hooked.

After dinner tonight i decided to indulge in my new guilty pleasure. I ended up delegating for 15 minutes on the floor. "Fetch dog", "start on your homework now", "no i did not run the dishwasher.. you start it then".

Not very peaceful but my legs feel great!

Multi-tasking: Foam rolling and playing fetch with my dog


  1. Love the picture!! Glad the foam roller is treating you so well =)